Watch Snoop Dogg And Many Others Play 30 Minutes Of BATTLEFIELD 1 Multiplayer

I know it's a highly scripted and controlled battle, but I'm feeling super optimistic about Battlefield 1. I forgot how fun it is to play period piece FPS's! If I'm even having half as good a time as Snoop is when he's playing this game I already know this is going to be one of my main shooters for 2017.

The whole video is just under 30 minutes long and features a ton of celebrity cameos, but if you don't have time to watch the whole thing (you should) here are some highlights...

  • Weapons are specific to which faction you are playing in the match. German built guns will operate differently than UK etc...
  • 64 person battle.
  • Objective based match showcased. Gameplay looks more Battlefield 4 than Hardline (thankfully)
  • Tanks and Planes galore

That about sums it up enjoy the video and feel free to skip around! You won't be lost doing it.