Watch The MACHO MAN Commentate A Bunch Of 90's Child Actors Playing STAR FOX

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This video is so 90's I needed a Kool-Aid Jammer and some Dunkaroos to calm my nerves after watching it! A whacked out looking Mario, the kid from Home Improvement, and is that Joey Lawrence? Oh yeah, and you have the Macho Man Randy Savage commentating a bunch of kids playing Star Fox. I know you're looking for some explanation here, and luckily I can break it down!

This is a live broadcast for the "Super Star Fox Weekend" competition. Back when Nintendo dropped loads of cash to remain top dog, they had a massive promotion for the upcoming release of Star Fox SNES. Kids around America could go to their mall and play the game for 4 minutes. Depending on their score in the limited demo they were awarded prizes such as t-shirts and all sorts of other great stuff.

Apparently, that promotion wasn't enough because Nintendo then went and paid a bunch of child actors and celebrities to be present for a live broadcast of the game! Can we bring these days back Nintendo? Bring back the 90s as well!