Watch the New DESTINY 2 Live Action Trailer and #SavethePuppies!

Destiny 2 Live Action 2.png

As if Bungie hasn’t given us more reasons to get hyped about the release of Destiny 2, they’ve gone and done it again by releasing a live action trailer for the sequel to their shared world shooter!

Bungie has created a couple of live action trailers for the Destiny franchise in the past, but I think this is the best one that they have done to date!  Be sure to check out the trailer in other languages as there are some differences in the beginning based on the region they are advertising to.  Also, who doesn’t love to hear Cayde-6 in multiple languages?

Destiny 2 Live Action 4.png

Even though this trailer is fantastic, not all of the Destiny 2 advertising has stuck the landing.  Check out this Hilariously Bad Destiny 2 Commercial GameStop Made.

While the recent Destiny 2 PC Beta has come to an end, we are a few short days away from the console release on September 6th!  Who is going to be ready to save the puppies on launch day?

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