Watch The Official Announcement Trailer For MIDDLE EARTH: SHADOW OF WAR

If you read our article earlier on how a Target blunder accidentally revealed a sequel to Shadow Of Mordor, you're already caught up! If not, check out our story on that, and then look at the first trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

So here's what we saw in the trailer that wasn't so clear in the descriptions from earlier. It appears that Talion (The Ranger) and Celebrimbor (The Wraith) have been separated in their effort to forge a new Ring of Power. Now with a new Ring at his disposal, Talion will be able to take on Sauron and his minions and destroy him from the inside! 

The cinematics for the trailer are absolutely incredible! I hope this game features more cinematic scenes than the first, as I'm jonesing for some fresh Lord of the Rings content! Also, it appears the release date for the game is confirmed! Middle Earth: Shadow of War will release August 22nd. Are you as pumped as I am?