WATCH DOGS Is Currently Free To Download On PC, Get The Details


There are so many good games rolling out on consoles and PC right now, it's really hard to justify downloading one old game...unless its free. That's why we're here today telling you that Ubisoft has made Watch Dogs free to download from now until November 13th. Those looking to take advantage of the deal simply need to login to their Uplay account and get the game at the link below. 

Across every platform Watch Dogs critical rating hangs around an 80%, although the game was trashed by some news outlets upon release as it shipped with some game breaking glitches. Obviously, all of that stuff has been fixed now, and what's left is the first installment of the world's first sandbox hacking game. 

It's actually crazy to think this game will be five years old next year! Where does the time go? Do you remember playing Watch Dogs back in the day? What are your thoughts on it?