Top 5 — Ways WB Montreal Could Expand the DC Universe

WB Montreal, the developers responsible for the criminally underrated Arkham Origins, as well as the way too short Batgirl DLC for Arkham Knight, is now hiring. That would be a good thing unto itself, but they also state the reason behind the open positions is to staff two AAA projects that seek to expand the DC Universe in the interactive space.

No console or really any other information is available at the moment, but now we get to do the fun part and speculate what area of the DC Universe the developer is taking on. The key term is expanding, so I imagine that doesn't mean another Batman title, at least right away. With so many DC properties getting the movie and TV treatment, there are plenty of possibilities.

Here are my picks for what I would like to see, but who knows if any of them will happen.

1 — Wonder Woman

If they could bring the same skill set that they displayed with Arkham Origins to Diana's world, I would be giddy beyond belief. Thing is, it would tie into their upcoming movie, and that part of the DCU has not been heavily delved into when it comes to video games, so it could really offer something different. Wonder Woman's fighting style (alternating between powers, sword, and shield) would also bring some freshness to the already fantastic combat. 

2 — Suicide Squad

Movie tie-in and would also offer a group of characters with which WB Montreal could go darker with, as it pertains to the story. Not sure how they would pull off working with so many characters though.

3 — Bombshells

The Bombshells comics are really well done, and if DC was looking to do something in stark contrast to the grittiness and darkness of Batman's Gotham City, then this might be a candidate. If you want the lead to stay in the Bat family, then focus on Batwoman and call it a day.

4 — The Flash

Speed is a hard thing to harness in 3D (just ask Sonic the Hedgehog), but if they could really get that figured out, Flash could be the start of a new franchise. Flash's rogues gallery includes some of the most interesting villains in the DCU, and with the TV show bringing a great deal of attention to the character, this would be a logical step for them.

5 — Green Lantern

This is kind of a pipe dream, but if done well this could be fantastic. What is more expansive than space? Am I right? ...crickets...oh well. The power set leaves so much up to the imagination of the developers, but I think we still have awhile to wait before Hal gets his second chance.

So, that is just my list, but I would love to hear your ideas! Let us know in the comments!

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