WB Says Forthog DLC Will Be Free In SHADOW OF WAR Following Controversy


3 weeks ago, WB announced a seemingly touching DLC add-on that was dedicated to a developer who died of cancer before the game was complete. Originally, WB announced the plan was that the DLC money would go to the family of Michael Forgey, and that WB would only collect a fee to cover the costs of the DLC.

Since then some controversy has erupted as gamers found out WB wasn't being necessarily truthful about the Middle Earth: Shadow Of War DLC. While WB was giving proceeds to the Forgey family through U.S. sales of the DLC...they were pocketing the full cost of all the DLC that had been purchased globally. Pretty scummy move, of course, but the video game industry can be like that sometimes.

Anyway, it looks like justice was served as WB has now announced they will be refunding the money of gamers and releasing the DLC for free in addition to making a direct donation to the Forgey family. Good to know someone forced them to do what's right!

Source: Destructoid