Welcome to Cirque Du Catastrophe, THE ESCAPISTS 2's Latest DLC


Starting out the newest addition to The Escapists series with a space based prison for The Escapists 2, it's almost weird to think they wouldn't have just created a space ship, extraterrestrial, or even a new planet based prison for their DLC. That doesn't change the fact that Big Top Breakout doesn't look like an intricate prison puzzle!

After receiving a rather positive review from us, we would expect nothing less than an amazing adventure as we aim for freedom. Not to mention that it was also well received on the Nintendo Switch launch. Either way, you can check it out for yourself here:

At the end of the trailer, it doesn't have the Switch listed, but if that is the console you have The Escapists 2 on then no worries! It did launch, and is currently available, on all platforms - including the Nintendo Switch.

So Escapists, do you think you can make your way out of the circus or will you forever be another part of their side show extravaganza? Get your clown shoes on, this is gonna be one honk-filled ride.