Well Known NeoGaf Leaker Says THE LAST OF US 2 Announcement Coming Soon

It's been obvious for quite a while that a sequel to The Last Of Us was in development, but now it sounds like something official might be on the horizon. Frag Hero reports known NeoGaf leaker Shinobi602 posted an image to the forum with the following words...

While it was widely assumed we would be hearing about the game at E3 2017, it sounds like this may be saying we could see the game sooner than that! Right now the popular theory is that the game will make it's debut at The Game Awards which takes place December 1st.

I read something this year that The Game Awards were shying away from trailers without gameplay after the No Man's Sky debacle, so either this game is close to a playable state or someone is full of shit about something. I totally believe that The Last Of Us 2 is on the way, but considering the hype behind the first release, wouldn't you think we would have heard prior to under a week out?