What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?!

Another Friday is here and to add to the thrill it is a day of huge deals! For many, myself included, Black Friday makes a great day to boost your game library. This weekend I plan to dive into those additions as well as some classics.

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere


It is unfortunate just how bad the North American release of Ace Combat 3 really is. A convoluted U.I., dead silent levels and a nearly non existent story line really blemish what was once a fantastic game in its original Japanese release. But, it is Ace Combat and I am marathoning them so finish it I shall!

Superhot VR


I ended up doing it, I got the PSVR! I decided to go with the full Move bundle that came with Superhot and Creed and man oh man is Superhot VR a blast! If you haven’t played this game in VR yet go give it a shot and live out all your crazy Matrix fantasies!

EVE Valkyrie


I love space flight sims and now that I have the PSVR I am looking to dive in! While the game has a limited single player mode with more emphasis being put on multiplayer, I think it will be a fun time waster and cool VR experience!

So there is my list for this weekend, what game(s) do you plan to tackle? Leave a comment below!