What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?!

AHHHHHHH MAAAAN, am I glad it is Friday! Nothing better to soothe your soul from a harsh week than a good weekend of gaming! For myself I can’t wait to dig into the multiplayer scene with a few friends.

Star Wars Battlefront II

With the new release of the Battle of Geonosis update Battlefront II gained a great new map and Hero! While many are quick to slam this game over the absurd loot box policies it carried at launch, justifiably so, it is a genuinely fun game to play. About the only real complaint I have ever had with it was the lack of content and this new map is exactly what the doctor ordered! If you haven’t ever played Battlefront II, or maybe haven’t played since launch, give it a shot!


I have no idea why I am still playing Minecraft! I haven’t had a good idea on what to build in months and as a result usually wander aimlessly in a circle doing nothing. My stream seems to get a kick out of my consternation though so I guess that’s a good thing!

What game(s) do you hope to spend the most time with this weekend? Leave a comment below!