What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?!

Another weekend has been bestowed upon us and I am more than ready to dive headlong into some gaming! With the holiday season in full swing many have already begun expanding their game collections. How do you plan to spend this weekend? As for myself I can’t wait to dive in to a few games!

X4: Foundations


Even with the review finished X4 continues to provide me with great times and experiences! There are still many things I haven’t gotten to fully experience and I want to see even more what the game has to offer as I continue to progress.

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere


We are about a month out from the launch of Ace Combat 7 and I am still determined to finish all the previous entries in the series before then! Some recent life event have delayed me in finishing up Ace Combat 3 but this weekend is the perfect time to finally finish it up!

So there is my list for this fantastic weekend! What game(s) do you plan to tackle?! Let us know in the comments below!