What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?!

Happy holiday weekend everybody! I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season thus far but I have one important question question for you all. What are you all playing this weekend?! Whether you are just finishing up a semester or getting a long weekend it is time to relax with some awesome gaming! For myself I am going to be traveling so it is going to be a lot of handheld games in my future focusing on the following.

Ace Combat Advance

The Ace Combat marathon must continue before the launch of Ace Combat 7 next month so it is finally time to tackle the oddest entry in the series Ace Combat Advance. This entry in the franchise ditches the traditional gameplay of every other game for a top down view on the action. This is the only game in the series I have never finished so hopefully this weekend I can finally add it to my completed list!

Mages of Mystralia

This upcoming indie game looks like a great adventure game following an exiled mage. The game has been out on PC and other platforms for a while but I have been given the opportunity to review the upcoming Switch version that will be released next month. Check out the trailer above! If you aren’t interested in the Switch version or don’t want to wait to try out this cool indie title check out the version that is already available for your preferred platform.

What game(s) do you hope to get time with this weekend? Leave a comment below!