Come Find What Lurks Within LALAURIE MANOR

Another lurker in the shadow of the terrifying realm of horror game development has released information on an upcoming first-person "run and hide" supernatural project! Increasing the list of horror games to look forward to in the near future comes Spectral Studios, the indie creator of LaLaurie Manor.

Colby Snodgrass, head developer with Spectral Studios, stated that he gained inspiration to begin working on this game from the original Resident Evil series with a touch of classic Silent Hill. The game is expected to launch around Halloween of 2017. This time you will find yourself trapped inside a large mansion-like home, but do not fret for you will also getsome fresh air in the outside sections featuring a garden. Obstacles featured are in-game are puzzles, enemy avoiding, locked doors to open with keys and story clue gathering for you to accomplish as you try to refrain from quickly shutting off the screen to hide from the terror inside the manor.

This experience stars the protagonist, Jasmine Light, a journalist who has set out to investigate the reasons and background to a heart-wrenching suicide that took place within the walls of LaLaurie Manor. You will have to explore the apparently abandoned Manor, and discover the truth to the mystery that lies within. It will be a constant battle between light and darkness while trying to avoid the dangerous paranormal entities that lurk throughout the home, seeking victims for extracting vengeance. With only matches to be your source of light, we are in for an experience through mostly darkness.

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before" Edgar Allan Poe

Pulling up to the home, Jasmine felt uneasy. But this reporter wasn't about to turn her back on the story of her town! No! She gathered her courage and stepped forward hoping to have an awful, awkward and difficult conversation regarding the facts and information around the suicide with Romero Thorne, husband of the late Lillian Thorne. After making it through the door, she realizes that she has made a grave mistake as she quickly realized that she is now trapped inside.

With the mystery of what happened to the people who lived in this home, and the truth of what has happened in the past hanging over her head, Jasmine must make her way through the Manor to find an escape and uncover the truth to what horrific events took place within the walls of this not-so-welcoming home. The large home holds an extraordinary amount of rooms, hallways and secrets to search and explore. So now she finds herself facing the haunting spirits with a thirst for vengeance on any who come near.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Speaking with Snodgrass, I had to ask "What is it you believe will be the reason audience will find interest in your game?"  He responded with, "A high level immersion and a story people won't want to walk away from."

The entire creation of this game has been completed using the Unity 5 engine. It will feature an inventory system, tools to use with your environment, various objects to interact with to help solve puzzles or play with and the only light source will be from matches you find. Providing photo-realistic graphics this game will put, you, the player into the shoes of this journalist as you guide her through the house in hopes of uncovering the details and a way out!

Check out the Trailer:

Expected to launch in October of 2017 on Steam for PC and, hopefully, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more information and to stay notified of updates on this projects progress and release, check out their Twitter.