What Should Capcom Remake Next After RESIDENT EVIL 2?

Even before Capcom officially launched Resident Evil 2 Remake at E3 this June, fans have been wondering on which Resident Evil game Capcom will remake next. The latest financial report of the Japanese publisher suggests that the company is extremely confident that RE2 Remake will be an instant hit, but of course, its performance is vital for any future remakes. 

Capcom was asked by an investor about RE2’s expected sales and the possibility of future remakes, the publisher responded and said that they are anticipating Resident Evil 2 to be one of the company’s major releases for the fiscal year and expects the remake to be in the “million-seller” level. Capcom also explained that they are very much open to pursuing similar projects in the future. 

“Further, regarding remakes and re-releases of titles in our back catalog, we expect to explore these further with a variety of properties as a part of our strategy to utilize our library of IP.”

Capcom also shared details on Resident Evil 2’s cost and expected profits by talking about the game’s overall scope. 

“While the base story and setting did exist, we have made the most of our cutting-edge game development environment to re-create the content, and are developing it with a budget appropriate for a Resident Evil title targeting the global market.”

The performance of RE2 Remake when it is released on January next year will play a pivotal role to any future remakes whether it be part of the Resident Evil franchise or any other series in Capcom’s library of games. However, the title that has the highest possibility of being remade is most likely Resident Evil 3, which gives Capcom the opportunity to take advantage of the current hype for classic Resident Evil games. Of course, past titles such as Dino Crisis is also a great contender. 

In the end, it all boils down to how fans will receive RE2 Remake. However, judging by the reception at E3 and the gameplay footages that were released, it seems that Capcom may be hitting a gold mine here. 

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