Why Gamers Shouldn’t Care about PS4 PRO vs SCORPIO

The gaming media loves to spark wars and controversy, so its not surprise that they are at it again. Sony and Microsoft have announced their new hardware. The PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio. There have been constant comparisons from all over the web. There are a few reasons why this topic is completely click-bait and needs to be brought to reality.

Comparing the Unknown

The specifications for the PlayStation 4 Pro are well known at this point, but Project Scorpio is still a teasing mystery. The only specifications that are available about Scorpio is the teraflop capacity. Teraflops give us a measurement of the performance of a processor’s floating point units. I am sorry to disappoint, but teraflops do not tell the whole story. There are plenty more factors that will contribute to the performance of the device. Comparing these two consoles with the current information we have, is about as relevant as comparing an iPhone 7 to a Surface Phone.

What the media really wants you to do, is click that article and leave “loyalist” comments. They know it will start controversy and give them attention. Media outlets continue to do this, because gamer’s keep biting.

A True Gamer will Own Both

If you call yourself a gamer, then you will play great games, no matter the console or device the games are on. I use to be camped out in the Sony tribe. I then realized that I had completely shut myself off from the fantastic games that were available through Microsoft. I understand that competition between companies is typically good for the consumer, but lets not get carried away. Look at the presidential election ahead of us. Competition has lead both sides to become completely radical. I would hate to see this happen to gaming.

Keep calm and game on. Scorpio won’t come out till late 2017. That is if the launch is not delayed till 2018 (Let’s hope not). This gives gamers plenty of time to buy a PS4 Pro and save up for the Scorpio, if that’s the name Microsoft decides to keep.

It’s a Waste of Time

What is the point in comparing these two consoles anyways? Will it help people sleep better at night? There really is nothing useful in the debate between these two great gaming consoles. The fact that “loyalists” still exist, surprises me. In a recent conversation I had, I described my experience with the latency that my Xbox One has been facing. The person I was speaking with became very defensive and began to complain about the PS4. I almost immediately terminated the conversation, because it was going nowhere. Do I hate my Xbox One? No. Does the latency bother me? Yes.

The gaming media needs to write about meaningful and interesting topics. By all means, do not get sucked into the debate. No one wins. The next big debate will probably be about the Nintendo NX, or VR vs AR. Just remember, gamers love playing great video games. You can't go wrong there.

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