Why I Love PC Gaming — DARK SOULS III in Stunning 4K

A Doorway to a Dark Adventure

The Souls series has polarized gamers since the release of DEMON'S SOULS back in 2009 (!) and I remember very clearly being bludgeoned, stabbed, torched, and impaled so many times, I finally gave up, dropping my PS3 controller in frustration. Fast forward several years and even though not in the series, I absolutely adored BLOODBORNE for it's more aggressive play style and incredible environments and baddies. I went on to beat the game and absolutely loved it, feeling an immense satisfaction.

Prepare. To. Die.

I stayed pretty much away from the screenshots and videos of DARK SOULS III wanting a fresh view of an adventure that could hopefully live up to my time with said game. After a dark yet killer intro video, the first 5-10 minutes of the game seem like more of the same and honestly, I was a bit let down. After that though, the game opens up into a stunning set of areas, battles, and pure artistry in every sense of the word.

Bow to your 4K master...

Beauty in Terror

While we are still prepping our full review, we are truly enjoying the game maxed out at 4K on our PC gaming rig with an Xbox controller. Yes, you can play with mouse and keyboard but all the onscreen prompts are going to throw you for a loop. DARK SOULS III is now available on PS4, XBONE, and PC. That being said, I am absolutely loving the graphics options, crystal clear images, and of course, the speedy loading times the PC version offers. Regardless of which platform you own, this game starts a bit iffy but quickly opens up to a beautiful yet terrifying adventure...