Why Was Kirby Spared In The SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Story Mode?

With the launch of the most anticipated Nintendo sequel approaching this Friday, December 7th, I wanted to take a moment to look into some of the decisions that were made in the design for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Namely the question that is on majority of players minds: Why was Kirby the spared character in the World of Light mode?

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, take a moment to check it out before we dive in to this:

Now, you saw the moment just before Kirby was consumed by the light, just as all the other fighters were, he vanishes in a small collection of stars only to shortly appear later in a Nintendo cross-over land. This is obviously the beginning of the journey, but again, why is it Kirby as the chosen fighter? You would think they would of chosen Mario or Donkey Kong seeing how they are iconic characters of the Nintendo franchise. They also could have gone with one of the new characters that are being introduced to the series.

Some have said it is because Kirby can actually move faster than light and that he was the only one truly fast enough to escape the light. However, we have this quote from an interview with ComicBook.com at a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event that says there is more to it than that.

“There is a reason why Kirby was chosen and if you play through the game you will see why but it won't be apparent until you play through the game.” - JC Rodrigo, manager of product marketing on Nintendo’s Treehouse team.


So if an official Nintendo marketing employee is stating there is a specific reason, what could it be? If I had to guess, I would think that it is because Kirby is one of Nintendo’s most pure characters ever made. There is no official lore elements or secrets revolving around Kirby that lead to an evil or otherwise negative aspect. Kirby could have been spared because his purity gave hope to Galeem, the being shown blasting every other fighter, and so he is the only one believed to be able to truly free the trapped spirits of the other fighters.

Truth is though, nobody will officially know until we make our way through the World of Light story mode this coming Friday. Until then, what reason do you think they have for choosing Kirby to be the face of Super Smash Bros Ultimate?