Why Bungie’s Delay of DESTINY 2 Fall Content is Wonderful News


Bungie recently announced that they will be delaying their new Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep, New Light (free-to-play mode), and their major game update by weeks. All of this will be coming out on October 1st, 2019, two weeks after the original release date. People may be annoyed that they have to wait weeks, and yes it may be a bummer to wait a little longer, but this delay means a lot more good than it does bad.

First of all, the only bad thing is that the community has to wait a little bit more time. Yes, waiting can suck and some people may have tried to get off work or planned around those release dates already. Bungie has fully apologized for the inconvenience and got the news out to the people as soon as they could.

The delay of Shadowkeep means a lot of good in reality. This shows that Bungie is ready to take the time to make the best content they can for the community. They have been taking a lot of community feedback and directly changing Destiny 2 in order fit what the community wants. These changes and additions take time and it shows how much Bungie cares about the game as a whole, not grabbing money or willing to sacrifice the health of their team to deliver.


Pushing to October 1st is also just a perfectly fine thing to do because they are rolling out a massive expansion, a whole reworked armor system, a free-to-play model, cross save and this is the first real content they are putting out on their own. I fully support Bungie and trust that they know what they are doing and that they need some extra time to make the next season of content truly amazing. They are also working hard on this seasons content, reworking some gear, adding buffs to weapon drops and the Solstice of Heroes event is in full motion.

My last word will be this, Bungie knows what they are doing and even if they needed months to put out new content, that’s fine. I’d rather a really good product then releasing unfinished content that they scramble to fix in the midst of people playing it.

Trust Bungie, I do. I think we will be seeing a glorious new side of this team and game that will harken and rival the world shattering Halo 1, 2 and 3.

Just be patient, guardians, the moon will still haunted in October.