WILDFEST: HEARTHSTONE'S First Update of 2018


Hearthstone has announced the first event of the year. Wildfest which will last from February 19th to March 11th and brings card changes, new events and more. 
Here are the details of the event:

Wild Arena: During the event, arena draft cards will offer cards that are exclusive to the wild deck. Those who are still participating in an existing arena run should finish up as soon as possible because they will expire when Wildfest starts.

Two Tavern Brawls the celebrate the wild will be available, Venture Into the Wild and The Wild Brawliseum. In Venture Into the Wild players will pick a class and be given a preconstructed wild deck. This brawl is a great way for those interested in the wild deck to get a first-hand look at what it has to offer. In The Wild Brawliseum is a competitive 'wild tavern brawl' that allows players to use player built decks that are locked in during the duration of the run. To enter this brawl, however, requires the use of gold or real money. People may be interested in this event as the rewards are the same that they would get for participating in the arena giving a second opportunity at that sweet sweet loot. 


In addition to this, there are some changes to some of the existing cards to help balance out the game during Wildfest. Those cards include: 

·         Corridor Creeper – Now has 2 attack, down from 5.
·         Patches the Pirate – No longer has Charge.
·         Raza the Chained – Now reduces your Hero Power cost to 1 instead of 0.
·         Bonemare – Now costs 8 mana, up from 7.

Hearthstone seems to be on the rise as more and more events like these keep popping up to help keep players interested. This along with Kobolds and Catacombs seems to be more than enough to satiate those with an itch to play the addictive card game. 

Are you excited about the event? What loot do you think will be available to those who succeed in both the brawls and the arena?