WORLD OF TANKS Developer Planning A Union For Pro Gamers

World of Tanks creator Wargaming is considering a union for Pro Gamers. Gamasutra says the head of European eSports, Nicolas Passemard, says that the company is considering the involvement to avoid further disputes within the agency between pro gamers and their sponsors/tournaments/teams.  His exact words are as follows...

"At a point we have to make a decision, either we get more directly involved or we keep having issues...So we looked at some options and the best one is to help the pro players create a union for themselves. We have to do it, there will be issues, maybe we aren't ready [for a players union] but we will find a way."

While Wargaming thinks that a players union is necessary and will help the players in creating a league, they maintain that they will not head up the union as it should be player run and independent.

Honestly, I've been waiting to hear about this sooner. We've heard of sponsors backing out and young guys getting screwed because they didn't read a contract. It's important that there is some organization looking out for the interest of these players or we are going to see a lot more exploitation in the sport!