WORLD OF WARCRAFT Classic Announced


After years of battles with fan-made servers, behind the scenes meetings, and public denials, Blizzard is finally ready to announce they're developing a Vanilla server. Very little is known presently about World Of Warcraft Classic, other than the trailer, which featured a rewind through all the game's prior expansions all the way back to the start:

Some may remember the high profile drama of two years ago when Blizzard shut down popular fan-run server Nostralius. This is really where the serious discussion of Blizzard making an official legacy server came to be, and while Blizzard would take a firm stance refuting moving backward was the way to go in the MMO, it looks like things have changed in the last year. 

Hilariously enough, the excuse that was given last year at Blizzcon for no legacy server discussion was due to the upcoming launch of WoW's Legion expansion. Blizzard didn't seem to have a problem juggling two things for a game this time around as they also released a trailer for yet another WoW expansion, Battle For Azeroth. 

No timetable has been given for WoW Classic, although it's assumed since there is no gameplay to show of the game's current state we're a ways away from beginning the adventure all over again. Are you excited to jump back in from the start?