Hard to believe that World of Warcraft turns 15 in a few months isn’t it! While I haven’t played the game since 2007 it’s hard to deny its pop culture impact and staying power with constant updates and expansions. While new expansions have raised the level cap, added dungeon ques, flying mounts and even changed the map completely, not everyone has enjoyed it. For some time there has been a vocal movement to bring back the original vanilla World of Warcraft experience.

At one point up to 150,000 accounts were registered on a vanilla private server called Nostalrius which was eventually hit with a cease and desist take-down by Blizzard back in 2016. Since then Blizzard has announced it would be implementing its own vanilla servers back into the game in the form of World of Warcraft Classic. WOW Classic looks to return the game back to its original 2004 launch state for long time fans to return to the world they originally fell in love with. WOW Classic will be launching August 27 and every WOW subscriber will have access to it. Private betas of WOW Classic will be sent out to select players starting tomorrow so if you are a member of the Blizzard elite, keep your eyes peeled on that inbox!

WOW Classic does make me slightly curious to jump back into the long running MMO again for at least a month. What do you all think about being able to go back to 2004 and relive it all as it once was? Share your thoughts and favorite WOW stories below!