The STYLAERO Board Will Replace Controllers

The game industry continues to advance with new technologies. Current works have been in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) fields with new games, as well as, devices to help make gaming as realistic as possible. Mainly focusing on the visuals and bringing them to life, or rather making them appear life like, and still require a controller, whether it be a game pad or the small handheld device that comes with some headsets, for movement in most cases. 

In hopes of bringing you further into the immersive atmosphere of the virtual world, Oscar Jönsson has put together a team of three professionals, with a total of 50 years combined experience, and they are working on the Stylaero Board!

About the Stylaero Board

The Stylaero  is a new hardware that is going to be compatible with the PC  and has plans to move forward to mobileand tabletdevices. It has been in development for one year so far and is expected to have a public launch in 2017.

Stylaero means "pen in the air." The reason they chose that name is because the first tools to use with the Stylaero Boardwas with magnets and a ball pen. Then pulling the words from a mix of French (Stylo) and Latin (Aero).

What it does is use many compasses together with smart algorithms that allow it to see a small magnet instead of the Earths magnetic field. This allows it to put the magnet in almost any item and use it as a tool for interaction. Since there are no cameras or laser towers you won't suffer problems with space to play. It's also going to be simple to install as it will only require a plug in the USB port.

To put it simply, Stylaero will be an easy to use, new hardware that will allow you to use modern objects as the controller. An example would be that if you were using an app that requires, or allows, you to paint in it, you would be able to use a real paintbrush as your controller with the Stylaero set up.

Here we have an image of a 3-year-old using the Stylaero Board to do some 3D painting with a real paint brush for the controller.

Q&A with Oscar Jönsson

Q: What inspired you to create it?
A: "Well, a simple mathematics experiment. The researchers (founders) are world leading in sensor fusion and were tracking large object moving over large areas. They wondered if their algorithms and ideas worked on a smaller scale, and they did."

Q: Will it have a recommended set of items that would be used for the controller?
A: "There are no limits to what items you can use. We will send some items from start and then encourage our users to be creative."

Q: How do you think the hardware will change the gaming industry?
A: "Our vision is to make the next evolution in human-computer interaction. We see that our hardware will be a big step in this, allowing for developers to make games more including and accessible. Garden by Jesper Tingvall is a great example of how we can create new type of experiences, accessible for a wide audience."

Q: What is the long term goal planned for the hardware?
A: "To make the next evolution in human-computer interaction our hardware will be as common as the mouse is today. The mouse is great and works with all your 2D programs. When we now move over to 3D with VR, and especially AR, you really need a great 3D input device, and with our platform you can choose our designs or make your own."

Q: How many games, roughly, are being created for when the hardware launches?
A: "Our goal is to have over 1000 experiences (software and item connections) for our platform 2019."

Q: What do you mean there will be 1000 experiences on launch?
A: "Software compatible with Stylaero Board." 

Q: Did you hand pick the developers that are creating games that will be compatible with Stylaero for the launch?
A: "Yes, they are part of our family. We have close relationship with developers creating Stylaero Board accredited games. We mainly work with studios and, in some cases, also independent developers."

Q: Will you be able to play previously owned games using the Stylaero Board as the controller?
A: "Yes, it can be used as a gamepad/joystick for games with XInput support."
(Here is a list of Games with Xinput support)

Q: How will the Stylaero be necessary with the advancement in VR and AR development where they are already including hand motions to games?
A: "We see the Stylaero Board necessary for making the VR / AR experience real. Holding the tool that you see in your HMD allows for that."

Q: Your hope is to make it an essential product for VR and AR game play?
A: "It's essential for including an accessible game play in VR and AR. In general we see Stylaero Board essential in desktop game play."

Q: How difficult do you think it would be for any random person to learn to use?
A: "We have children at the age of 3 using it as soon as they pick a tool up (Interaction with Stylaero Magic, tool: Paint brush. Tested at two different science centers; Fenomenmagasinet  and Visualiseringscenter). This is the next evolution, using a computer is easy with the right tools."

Q: Have there been any plans for cosmetic features? As in, will it be in multiple color options?
A: "There will be new designs, both in form and color. Check our social media to be a part of the development."

Winner's of the Venture Cup 2016 Celebrating with Awards
On left, Oscar Jönsson, center is Niklas Wahlström, and on right, Gustaf Hendeby

After the questions I asked Oscar Jönsson about the Stylaero Board, I feel that we have only begun to see what the future of the game industry has in store for all us consumers and gamers. To be a part of the development, as Oscar Jönsson said in the last question, visit their social media or visit their website for updates.

There will be a Closed BETA released and they will be in need of testers. So, if you are interested in testing an AR / VR device with the Stylaero Board, then make sure to check them out at one of the links below:

Stylaero Website
Find them on Snapchat: Stylaero