WTF: TITANFALL 2 Will Have Multiplayer Mode That Can Be Unlocked If You Eat At Buffalo Wild Wings

Update: The original article claimed Buffalo Wild Wings was the ONLY way this could be unlocked. Eurogamer has since retracted and stated you can also earn tickets in the game. 

Titanfall 2 will feature an exclusive multiplayer mode you can access if you eat at a Buffalo Wild Wings. For those not in the United States, that's a chain of sports bars around our great nation. Eurogamer reports this promotion may be similar to one Respawn is already doing with Mountain Dew and Doritos that will grant special access to an exclusive 1v1 mode Coliseum.

There have been no further details on the B-Dubs deal, but consumers who eat Doritos or Mountain Dew will be granted one ticket per purchase to enter the Coliseum and compete 1 on 1 for exclusive unlocks within the mode.  

I would hope the price of eating at Buffalo Wild Wings would grant you something a little more substantial. I can only hope it's not some cheeseball "BLAZIN Wings" or flying buffalo sticker you can put on your Titan.

In the best case scenario, I could see this could be a PR move to promote that Buffalo Wild Wings will now start showing e-sports events? 

The promotion is set to run October 28th through the end of November.