WWE 2K16 - A Look at Online Play and the Creation Studio

On the eve before release, WWE 2K16 has released some last nuggets of info regarding the character creation system and the online component. You can see some of the online features in the trailer below, but the highlights include being able to actually play and warm up while waiting for an opponent, creating teams online, new match types, and the weekly match events that you can take part of. WWE's Supercard mobile game does such a good job of keeping you hooked with weekly events that I hope this becomes a staple in 2K16 throughout this year and next. While the option to warm up is great, hopefully the matchmaking itself is vastly improved to go along with it.

As for the creation system, the mobile app will launch shortly after release, which you'll be able to use to take a picture of yourself, and subsequently enter your likeness into the game. NBA 2K featured some great advancements in this tech, but not without some shortcomings, so hopefully the tech here will be at least as good as NBA's. You can pretty much bet I will be using this to maximum potential. Who else is going to have a Yukon Cornelius-esque wrestler with the size of Kevin Owens and the moves of Neville? No one, that's who.

WWE 2K16 releases tomorrow, October 27.

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