WWE 2K16 Final Roster Announcement Leaves Something To Be Desired

The latest and final roster update for WWE 2K16 is more notable for who it is lacking then who it includes. Lots of alternative versions populate the latest list, like Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, multiple versions of the Undertaker, and two versions of Sting. The lineup does include some great additions too, from the New Day and Ruseve to Enzo and Big Cass. What's missing, however, is any of the premiere NXT (3 of which are now on the main roster) Divas, otherwise known as the 4 Horsewomen. Neither Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, or Bayley are in this year's game, and as 2K has stated below, will not be offered as future DLC. Here is the official statement.

"With our final roster reveal this past Monday, it was awesome seeing the excitement for The New Day, Enzo and Cass, Mikey Whipwreck, and more. But it was clear that some in the community are frustrated by the lack of the newer Divas added to the main WWE roster recently.
We pushed as hard as we could to include Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley in WWE 2K16, but it simply did not work out for various reasons. While we are not divulging full details on WWE 2K16's post-launch plans just yet, we can confirm that the Four Horsewomen will not be available as DLC.
We are proud to have and built the largest WWE roster to date featuring the most Divas ever. The WWE 2K16 disc includes all of the Divas on the main roster at the time we locked it in (13 playable in total).
We all agree the Divas Revolution is great for business and look forward to celebrating the Divas even more in future WWE 2K titles."

It cannot be easy maneuvering around all of these various performers' schedules, I really do get that. It should also be mentioned that they have included more divas than last year, and have expanded the roster substantially, so I'm not trying to pick them apart by any means. That said, it is a shame that this wasn't accomplished, and a little confusing. How are regular NXT performers like Enzo and Cass, Baron Corbin, Aiden English, and Simon Gotch included, yet Bayley is not? She is on the same schedule as they are. If there weren't other NXT wrestlers included, that would be one thing. Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha were recent main roster additions, so if that were the case I totally understand. Thing is, they have been on NXT over the entire year, since 2K15, so it just comes across as if it wasn't a priority, and that saddens me. It is that type of handling that has put the Divas division where it currently is, and is just another missed opportunity.

While that part is disappointing, the newest trailer (above) shows off the increased graphical prowess of the game, and I'm looking forward to getting some time with it. Who knows, maybe they will change their mind. 

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