WWE 2K16 - MyCareer Mode Is All Grown Up

It seems that the team behind WWE 2K16 took the complaints about 2K15's lackluster MyCareer mode to heart. The MyCareer trailer below presents a richer and more rewarding experience for your custom wrestler (think I'll be going with Saint Walker for my first creation). You start out as a fresh-faced rookie at NXT and eventually work your way up to the main roster. That doesn't have to be your only path, though — the new mode actually allows you to make that decision or, if you don't feel like it, you can remain in NXT and maintain your title reign. That prospect becomes more enticing once you factor in alliances and feuds.  

The game will give you opportunities and choices via promos with Renee Young. Depending on how you answer her questions and the actions you choose, your rating with certain superstars will either go up or down, enabling you to forge alliances or end up in feuds with other superstars. It's a great way to work in one of wrestling's most iconic elements while also introducing variety in the day to day career of your new wrestler. Because you can choose things like when to run out to the ring, how to do so, who to attack, or whether to attack someone at all, your long reign in NXT or the main roster can always be altered into something new, regardless of how long you've been in one place or another. That is the theory at least, but I love the idea and really hope it delivers.

WWE 2K16 releases on October 27th, 2015.

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