WWE 2K16 - Universe Mode Updates and New Additions

WWE 2K16 Is just about ready to debut next week, but the developers decided to give one more peek at the game by going into detail on WWE Universe Mode. Universe mode is basically a season mode in any other sports games, and takes you through all the programs and pay per views throughout the year. On your journey to becoming WWE champ you will develop rivalries and alliances, and this is all handled via 2K16's new trait management system. 

In previous games, there really wasn't a ton of depth to this mode. You basically played a set track of matches, with a few run-ins happening once in a while, but not really amounting to anything resembling a rivalry (the lack of any kind of voice acting hurt these even more). You just repeated this ad nauseam, with the only real changes to the proceedings being the different arenas.

Now each superstar and diva has various traits that resemble their real life counterparts, and will vary between extremes like Loyal vs Treacherous, or Discipline vs Aggression for example. You can change these over time if you wish, or if you want to tweak dramatically, you can reassign everything. The actions you take in matches and in promos will affect these traits over time, as well as the rivalries you end up in along the way. The other high mark is the injury system. You can be sidelined if an injury becomes too severe, and that happens when you or an opponent concentrate on a singular area over the course of a match, or several matches. 

All these areas of Universe mode are much improved over last years offering, and hopefully will work as advertised. That, along with the removal of so many menus to get to all the pertinent information should make Universe mode a much more interesting place to be.

WWE 2K16 releases on October 27th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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