WWE 2K19 Won't Release To The Switch This Year

GT_WWE2K19_00 (1).jpg

Last year, Take Two released WWE 2K18 to the Nintendo Switch that faced a multitude of problems including frame rate issues and disappointing graphics among others. Now, a representative from Take Two told PowerUp Gaming that WWE 2K19 will be skipping the Switch this year. 

"WWE 2K19 will not be available on Nintendo Switch. 2K is focused on making the best possible experience for WWE 2K fans and will continue evaluating all opportunities to deliver the franchise across additional platforms."

The news is a sure disappointment to wrestling fans who wish to play WWE on Nintendo's hybrid console. Of course, given the broader audience of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it is understandable that Take Two decided to focus on those platforms for the meantime. However, with so many developers trying their best to release a port of their games on the Switch, maybe Take Two is missing an opportunity here? No one really expected Doom, Fortnite, or Skyrim on the Switch, but the developers of those games were able to pull it off. Why not WWE

At least, NBA 2K19 is still on track for the Switch. Well, for now. 

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