Welcome....to Wynncraft. If you happen to stumble across these lands, you may mistake it for Minecraft. There's nothing wrong with that, for this is a MMORPG set within the Minecraft universe on its own, paid server. And it's a world that's been four years in the making.

And it's not just a crafting, exploration game either. It takes every aspect of role-playing games and brings them to Minecraft. You can fight bosses, find dungeons, level up and go on quests. The current size of the World Map is 4000 x 5500 blocks in size. Special places and locations are marked on the map, as well as player levels and bases.

In the About section of Wynncraft's website, they clearly set out the process for entering their world, which appears to only be available on PC. The server details are provided, but you would need to have a copy of Minecraft or purchase it from the Minecraft store. You would also need to register for a Minecraft account.

I personally have Minecraft on my Xbox360, PS4 and PS Vita (a bit obsessed), but this may just finally convince me to finally get the PC version.

Source: Kotaku; Wynncraft.com

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