Xbox Holiday Update Features Clubs, Looking For Groups, Achivement Rarity And More

Some great things are coming to Xbox One as Major Nelson gives us the latest on what to expect on the "Holiday Update" rolling out for the console. Here are some bullet points of what to expect and what you'll see in the video below...

  • Clubs: Players will now be able to join like-minded communities of gamers and play together within their group. Basically, they're like clans except they can reach beyond a certain game like "Anime lovers" and stuff like that. Players will have access to request players within their club to join their party for games and share content like screenshots and clips. 
  • Looking For Group: Think of this as a classified ad for gaming. Players can submit a request seeking out players up to seven days in advance requesting help for achievements, campaigns, or even just wanting to have a squad online. 
  • Achievement Rarity: This one is Xbox playing catch up with PlayStation. Essentially achievements will be similar to the "trophy system" of PlayStation and now provide how common or rare it is for a player to get certain achievements. Players who get a rare achievement will now get a little diamond icon indicating so.
  • Group Messaging: Pretty self explanatory. You can now send messages to multiple friends at the same time.

Other minor updates include updating the leaderboard to update at the beginning of each month as opposed to a 30 day period and the addition of a virtual keyboard. I really summarized the entire video for you already, but if you're watching just to kill time go nuts!