XBOX Releases New Sleek and Sexy Wireless Controllers

Bree White, Global Product Marketing Manager of Xbox, has announced the new range of  Xbox wireless controllers that are becoming available in the next few months. There is also a smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 coming out, with two new controller bundles for PC gamers. 

These controllers will be compatible with both the Xbox One and Xbox One X, so don't worry about waiting until you get your hands on the new console. You can get them in three color schemes so far, namely Green/Grey, Patrol Tech Special Edition, and Volcano Shadow Special Edition. 

Even though I am more a PlayStation man than Xbox, I am pretty attracted to the Volcano Shadow controller. I have a red PS4 controller that I now which had black shades like that, and I would enjoy kicking it down with Diablo 3 as the color scheme seems so applicable to the game.

Here are the release dates, as well as links to the products on Amazon:

Let us know if you plan to pick any of these up.