Xbox Switches E3 Keynote To Its Own Day

With E3 a little under 4 months away, Microsoft is already making moves that have people talking. No, they aren't dropping out, but rather switching their keynote to Sunday at 5 pm EST as opposed to their usual Monday slot. The move will put the industry giant on their own day for a keynote that's going to show the next generation of Microsoft software. When pressed about the move, Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter to express his confidence in the move:

Of course, Spencer is always full of bravado in these types of situations, as it's his job. The only other detail known about Xbox's presentation is that we will see footage of State of Decay 2, which is cool but not enough to deserve its own day. I'm sure Scorpio will dominate a bulk of the conference, and we might see some surprise game announcements. For those hoping for a new Halo we're still about a year out from the typical release cycle, so maybe? What other games could Microsoft have up their sleeve? Will we get an update on the hololens? So many questions and likely zero answers until the event itself.

Source: GameSpot