Xenoblade Chronicles X graces the Wii U on December 4th, and with its nearness also comes a bit more information on the situation our heroes find themselves in. Earth is gone, and what is left of the human race has found a new home on a strange new planet. It is up to you and your various cohorts to fend off the enemies that have seemingly followed you, and the new enemies you have made along the way. As you can see in the trailer below, your goal is simple: keep yourselves and your new way of life alive. Granted, it isn't exactly original, but as long as the characters makeup for the lack of an intricate plot, I'm okay with it.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is the kind of game that gets me to buy systems. The world just looks gorgeous and so unique. Lush and colorful worlds to explore, new weapons and characters to create, and giant mechs to control all have me ecstatic to give the game a go. The RPG landscape is currently full of fantastic fantasy settings, and I think Xenoblade is coming around at a perfect time to balance the scales a bit. Unfortunate that the Nintendo NX is prominent in everyone's minds. Otherwise I feel that this game could assuredly move more than a few systems. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

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