Yoshimitsu Joins The SOUL CALIBUR VI Roster

Yet another character reveal from Bandai Namco for the next game for the Soul Series shows the roster grow with a list of fan favorites! Soul Caliber VI has already revealed multiple characters, including Kilik, Nightmare, Ivy, and Taki, but now it's time to show of the wielder of the Yoshimitsu sword with their own reveal trailer. Check out the sword slashing and soul crushing style of the next Yoshimitsu:

I love that each character gets their own reveal trailer and that they maintain the style that players continue to enjoy. Just as the previous character reveal trailers, we got to see the newest roster addition for Soul Caliber VI using his classic combos; along with a few new moves. Yoshimitsu has been part of the Soul Series since the beginning, so it only make sense that we will face against him once again.

Looking forward to seeing the completed roster, even though I know I'll be using Kilik and Yoshimitsu like I always have, so we can see what the competition will look like. Was this the character reveal you've been waiting for?