You can 3D Print Your Very Own NINTENDO SWITCH Cup Holder With This Design

Fancy having a drink while playing your favorite Switch game? Well, guess what? Now you can! Thingiverse user sanzliot created a special cup holder for the Nintendo Switch where you can attach the Joy-Cons to the sides.

Of course, your greatest concern should be if you're playing against or with a buddy or opponent and things get rough and your drink spills all over you, but hey... that's the risk you take. Sanzliot has kindly made the 3D plans available for anyone to download and print in a 3D Printer.

I love these creative inventions. They are so practical, it makes you wonder why you never thought of it yourself. I actually hope it inspires Nintendo to do more with the Switch like Sanzliot has. I hope he was smart and placed a patent on the design, because Nintendo could be making him a very rich man.

Anyway, if you fancy having one of these, head on over to Thingiverse and download your copy today.


Source: KOTAKU

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