You Can Get That Extra 9 Months Of Nintendo Switch Online Time Now!


Back in March, Twitch Prime/Amazon Prime ran a deal to offer players a 12 month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. There was one caveat however, the offer was split into 2 segments. The first part gave players access to 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online and the remaining 9 months were locked behind a 60 day wait period. That 60 day wait period has now ended if you signed up back when the deal first went live! Do be aware that there seems to be a server issue causing issues with the redemption process at the moment so if it doesn’t work just try again later. If you have yet to claim the initial 3 month deal you do have until September 24 to access to whole 12 months. Just be aware there will still be the 60 day wait period between offers. Get your Nintendo Switch Online offer here!