You Can Now Play OUTLAST on the Switch

In true Beyoncé style, Outlast has just dropped out of nowhere, and is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Currently, Outlast: Bundle of Terror, which is a 2013 survival horror game, is only available as a digital download. There is no word yet from Red Barrels, or Nintendo, whether a physical version will be released. 

Last December, the game’s publisher, Red Barrels, announced their intentions to bring the horror title to the Switch, but did not reveal a specific release date besides the fact that they plan to launch the game by the first quarter of 2018. However, as a preview to fans, the Facebook page of the game showed the developers playing a pre-release version of Outlast on the Switch. 

The Switch version of Outlast: Bundle of Terror will include the base game, and previously released downloadable content, which is a prequel titled Whistleblower that was originally launched a year after the main game. 

Given that the main premise of the game revolves around a creepy abandoned asylum, with plenty of scares and surprises behind every corner, the publisher’s move to have a surprise release, without any announcement and pre-launch marketing campaigns, seems appropriate and even fitting to the game’s overall feel. 

Outlast: Bundle of Terror is now available for the Nintendo Switch for $24.99, and pre-orders for Outlast II is now available as well. What do you think of the surprise release of Outlast? Are you ready to go back and experience the terror of the Mount Massive Asylum on the go? Share your worst scare in Outlast in the comments down below.