You Can Now Play The Demo Of MARIO TENNIS ACES On The Switch

An online tournament demo of Mario Tennis Aces is now live and available for download at the Nintendo eShop. The preview will let players try out the game’s online mechanic before the release of the full game on June 22. 

Also, participating in the online demo will reward players with Mario’s classic overalls, which can be accessed through the final version of the game. The good thing about this demo is that there will be no limit as to how many times you can play, so better start improving your backhand before the launch of Mario Tennis Aces. 

If you happen to like the game after trying out the online demo, you can pre-order the game digitally, and you’ll receive 300 Gold coins on your My Nintendo Account. These coins can be used to purchase cool items on the eShop. Players who pre-order Mario Tennis Aces via the eShop will receive their coins a few days after the initial launch, so don’t expect to get your coins instantly. 

The online demo for Mario Tennis Aces is live now until June 3 at 11:59 PM PST. The full game, which was previously announced during the last Nintendo Direct Mini, will be launched for the Nintendo Switch on June 22. 

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