You Can Now Play With POKEMON Thanks To New Mod In ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED

Somebody has created a mod that players can download to include Pokemon in their Ark Survival Evolved game play experience. The Pokemon in the mod range from the starters from the first generation, including Pikachu, and many fan favorites from the same generation, including Machamp, Onyx, Garydos, Zapdos and more!

You will be able to interact with them, have them follow you around and even ride the larger ones by mounting them. Players have ridden around their land areas on the back of Zapdos and mounted the shoulders of Machamp. You will even see Pikachu riding on a players shoulder in the game play video below!

This mod is going to bring a whole new perspective to the game play offered in Ark Survival Evolved including more players who will be interested in simply playing with the Pokemon using this mod. Without further introduction,

Here is some Game Play by YouTuber Vikkstar123HD

You can get the mod yourself and the map used in the video at the links below:

Pokemon in Ark Mod
Ark Map