You Can Now Pre-Order the Super Mario Encyclopedia


Two weeks ago, we reported here that Nintendo, together with Dark Horse Publishing, is planning to release The Super Mario Encyclopedia to the West. Now, a pre-order page is now available on Amazon, that covers the history of the entire Super Mario franchise from the beginning, up until 2015. 

The upcoming book will contain two versions, currently listed as a standard hardcover edition that will cost around $30, and a more premium super-fancy Limited Edition, which will be more expensive at around $80. The premium book will contain four different covers, a slipcase containing the iconic question-block, a ribbon bookmark, and a sky and cloud design, covering the edges of the 256-page book.

The encyclopedia will cover the history of seventeen games in the series from the first Super Mario Bros. game, up until Super Mario 3D World. Readers will be able to indulge in the history of the franchise from the evolution of the Goombas, the introduction of Yoshi, and details on some of your favorite levels. Furthermore, the book will contain an interview with producer Takashi Tezuka, some tips and tricks to help players locate every coin, sun ,star, and mushrooms in all levels, and it will even delve into the famous glitches in the game. 

Furthermore, The Super Mario Encyclopedia will share some interesting information about enemies, items, obstacles, and levels from all over the thirty years of the franchise. Fans of Mario will definitely enjoy this book and is a must have for collectors of the iconic plumber. 

Although I find the book extremely interesting, still, I’m a bit disappointed in the fact that it will only cover the franchise’s history up until 2015. Given that it is now 2018, and several games have been released since, this is somewhat disappointing especially since I also want to see some information regarding recent titles, specifically, Super Mario Odyssey. 

The Super Mario Encyclopedia will be released on October 25 this year, and you can already pre-order the book through Amazon right now. 

What do you think of The Super Mario Encyclopedia? Will you purchase this ultimate Mario tome? Or will you wait for a more updated version that includes recent games in the franchise?