Youtuber And Riot Warn LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Players To Avoid Gamestars

If you watch or play League of Legends you've likely seen advertisements or sponsorships by Gamestars gg. The site promises players big bucks for betting on League tournaments with $1,000s of dollars on the line at any given moment. Most people would think that's too good to be true...they're right.

If you need evidence check out this JPawesomesauce video and continue on below...

The video was featured on Reddit and received much approval from the community including Riot's own Sargonas who had this to say in addition to the video...

For what it's worth, we're not ok with this site either. We had some difficult (and disconcertingly enlightening) conversations with them that resulted in us refusing to approve an API key for them to power their site with due to concerns over their business model and values. They then responded to this by using a method to exploit a quirk in our client to force the old legacy tournament codes (which were depreciated in favor of the new Tournament API) to work without our authorization, making it SEEM to players like it's supported by us. (This is being patched out in the next couple of days however).

TL;DR we share in your concerns and strongly advise players to avoid the site, and for streamers to rethink their support.

I definitely wouldn't want to waste my time with such a money pit. Winning a $3,000 tournament only to walk out with $100 bucks?! Ridiculous. Hopefully, this site goes away soon.