YUNOIA: The Worlds First B2B for Game Developers

Finding work is always something that is difficult obtain yet easy to find opportunities for. You can go on many different job searching sites and find many options for both local and nationwide options. But finding people to work with in the indie developer work industry is always proven to be a hassle or that you just need to know the people already.

Sebastien Pacetti has created the website to put this issue in the past. You can now go on his newly created website, Yunoïa, and find a server that works just like a job searching site but is strictly for those in the game development industry.

"Yunoïa aims to help you create and ship a successful game by connecting you to the right people and resources." - Pacetti

This site is not only for those developing games however. If you stream games on YouTube or Twitch, do game marketing, or pretty much any other position within the game industry then you belong on this website! They are still working on building the crowd to be large enough to be an official site, but the number of users grows every day and the site itself is very easy to learn, set up and navigate!

After you make a profile, you go to your dashboard and select "My Business Page" which will let you make a new page where you post what it is you do and set up a page to be added to the "Business Directory" section of the website. Each page can have up to five services you offer regarding the listed skill; and that's just with a free account!

Q&A with Pacetti, Yunoïa Founder

What inspired you to create the site?
"After working for 15 Years in the Game Industry, I was growing frustrated by how difficult it was to access basic information and services. Even things as basic as a Business Directory were missing. I realized that many people were also struggling to find the proper contacts and support for their projects. There are now 6 million Game Developers or so on the planet and we want to help them make successful games by providing an easy access to information and services."

How long until it is off Early Access?
"We haven’t decided yet, our goal is to have a really polished experience before we officially launch. We still have some really big features we want to release first."

Does having an account during Early Access provide benefits?
"Our features work pretty well already and by starting to use the platform early you get the chance to get more exposure. Publishers are already actively looking for content and you can already present your Business Page as a service provider or a freelancer to thousands of visitors."

When did the site start / launch?
"We launched the very first version in July 2016, there are now about 700 Games on the platform and 150 Publishers and Investors actively looking for content. They have reached out to over 300 Projects already."

Here's Their Latest Commercial: