ZERO ESCAPE: ZERO TIME DILEMMA Confirmed For Summer Release To Vita, 3DS, And Steam

If you've missed it, the Zero Escape series has quietly become THE best horror survival serieson handhelds. Now in it's third installment, Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma looks to be even crazier than past installments!

Kotaku has some additional info for those who've played past installments. The main points you'll care about are...

  • Long text prose is gone. Story will develop through cinematic and voice acting.
  • Every 90 minutes everyone forgets who they are and why they are there...this means each level will be played out of sequence in a floating timeline. Sometimes you'll play a level where a character is dead before you play as them later in the game.
  • The events of the game take place a little time after the 2nd game, and at the MARS facility.
  • Every decision is based on random odds. Sometimes you'll make the decision to pull a trigger to stop everyone from dying but one and the gun will be a blank bullet and no one dies, and other times that bullet will kill that character. Obviously this makes for fresh and intense experiences!

June 28th is the release date for handhelds but no solid day on when it'll hit Steam. The developersdid tease that the previous games would be making their way to PC though so that's a plus!