10 Years Of THE WITCHER: Geralt Looks Back In A Touching Video


"Update: Due to popular demand, the awesome people at CD Projekt RED announced in a tweet today that the 10th anniversary wallpaper (as seen above) is available for fans to download from the official website."

Ten years ago, CD Projekt RED introduced us to Geralt of Rivia, a suave badass monster slayer and the main protagonist of The Witcher series. The game was originally launched for the PC back in 2007, and players were immediately charmed by the lovable characters, dark humor, and riveting narrative. In an industry that is very competitive as indie-game publishers are gaining as much attention as big developers, the 10-year anniversary of the series is a milestone worth celebrating.

As a tribute to fans, CD Project RED created a video showing Geralt of Rivia walking us through the history of the game. Fans will surely love the heartfelt message, especially in the end as Geralt himself broke the fourth wall to personally send his appreciation to every dedicated fan that kept the series going for so long.  

As a huge Dragon Age fan, I still have my biases when playing similarly-styled RPG games like The Witcher. Still, kudos to CD Project for doing an excellent job with the series as they always put the player's needs first that eventually made The Witcher into a bestselling and iconic RPG that players love. Even as a non-fan, I found the video touching and is a nice gesture from the developers making me reconsider giving the game another go.