5 Heroes And Villains Who Should Be In INJUSTICE 2

It's been confirmed that Injustice 2 will have a substantially larger line-up than it's first entry, and game director Ed Boon promises many surprises in the cast this time around. We've rounded up a list of a couple guys who should make the list, why, and a short description of what their "ultimate" should be...

Ra's Al-Ghul

Why: Now that Batman: Begins and Arrow have further established the fighting mythos of the character, it's high time we see him in action. The first Injustice didn't provide much fan service to the Green Arrow universe, so maybe Ras ca be more Arrow-specific seeing as the Batman villain presence is strong enough. 

Special Stage: League of Assassins Compound

Ultimate: Ras stabs opponent through the heart, breaks their bones and stuff, and then throws them in the Lazarus Pit to resurrect them and beat their ass again.

Blue Beetle

Why: First of all, he's probably getting added anyway. He (along with Swamp Thing and Captain Cold) were part of a Twitter poll by Ed Boon to gauge interest of particular characters. Now that we know he's a for sure thing, do we do Ted Kord or Jaime Reyes? I go Reyes as he's frankly a much better Beetle, and I don't imagine anyone would dispute that but you can make your case in the comments if you feel otherwise.

Ultimate: Beats you up, Scarab shoots you into space or something, lots of blue explosions.

John Stewart

Why: Hal Jordan is cool, but there's a generation of us who grew up with him as our Green Lantern. As much as I would love to see John, it would only be perfect if they were able to snag Phil LaMarr for the project.

Ultimate: John punches opponent, says "You're not gonna like this, blasts them back with a GL tank, drives tank into them, then slams them a couple more times using the ring.

John Constantine

Why: Because this character deserves something good that won't get cancelled! Plus, the addition of Constantine seems like a natural fit for the creators of Mortal Kombat.

Ultimate: Constantine says something cheese ball like "GO TO HELL" and they go to hell and he freaks them out and then they come back.


Why: His cameo in the original was such a tease! I say make him playable this time around with his special moves being various fear toxins that change his form when they hit the opponent. This would make the combat a bit more believable.

Ultimate: Different depending on each person he battles. Each ultimate is a small cinematic revealing that person's greatest fear. Imagine how awesome that would be.

That's who I got, anyone you think deserves an inclusion more than these guys?