90s Anime Mech Game 100 FT ROBOT GOLF Launches On PS4

When I first heard of 100 ft Robot Golf, I assumed it was just a game where 100 ft robots would play golf. Make no mistake, that's what this game is, but at the same time it manages to take a goofy concept and elevate it so much higher than the initial statement it makes. 

This game is a love letter to the 90's mech-based anime we loved growing up. Just watching the launch trailer will give you a feel of the hilarity in store for you if you play this game! THEY EVEN HAVE TALKING CORGIS! 

Not to mention there's a mode for all your PSVR adopters. This one looks like an easy buy for those who like golf, but love destroying shit and fighting robots more. Pick up the game now on the PlayStation store...