A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE is Stunning Art In Motion (And Sean Bean Reads Poetry!)

Tragic Beauty

I’ll be completely honest and say when I first saw previews and sneak peaks of A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE, they hardly caught my attention. After firing it up on PC, maxing out the graphics settings and cranking up the sound, I was completely sucked in, immersed, and in awe at what started to unfold. There are plenty of games with good graphics these days, some how stunning sound design and even more rare to find, is a game with a rich, fully realized story. The first few hours of Plague Tale masterful weave all these elements in a fantastic piece of art in motion unlike any title I’ve seen as of late..

Beautiful art in motion…

Not All is Shiny and Bright

While these first few screenshots may strike you as peaceful, calm, and almost child like, don’t let that fool you. While the game does start quite lighthearted, without spoiling it, things take a dark turn very quickly. Honestly, that is one of the strongest points of the game is the ability to move from touching, frightening, exciting and beautiful very quickly without losing pacing or dramatic effect. That is extremely rare in the gaming world these days and I applaud the creators for their masterful touches.

This dude deserves a punch to that ugly mug..

Check out the full review of Plague Tale by our own Dean Clark who gave the game very high marks. Also, check out the stunning poetry based trailer read by Sean Bean below.