A Sequel Emerges for the Mansion at PINEVIEW DRIVE

The subtle, and rather quiet, team behind Pineview Drive has created a sequel to their game, offering you a chance to once again traverse the mansion! VIS Games has entitled this adventure as Pineview Drive - Rising Storm., which is currently on Steam Greenlight.

With full intentions of continuing the mechanic where being scared could get you killed in game, they are bringing a new protagonist with her own story in regards with the mansion. If you were a fan of the original game, then you should be excited to hear that a few of the original antagonists will be making another appearance as well; such as Linda!

Lisa, the new protagonist, is a woman in her early twenties. After going through multiple foster families, which started after a fatal car accident that killed her parents and left her barely alive without memory of the event, she continues to wonder on the missing memory. She had dreams of the house by the sea as she got older and could see fire, burnt facade, the waves of the ocean, a lighthouse, a distant village. She could feel that something sinister lies dormant under the house, deep underground. Sometimes she catches impressions of how the ground heaved and sank again; almost as if the land under the house would be breathing. Tortured by these recurring nightmares she seeks the help of a psychiatrist.

This sequel is going to bring you back to the house and have you explore the lighthouse, traverse through the forest, and dive into the basement for the first time! Can you handle another thirty day visit to Parkview Drive?


... this feeling, though ... it is like a parasite, crawling through the bowels. Like something that travels through the bloodstream. It crawls and expands in the veins, causing unimaginable pain and sometimes seems to stop her heart for a few beats...

Rising Storm is not just another generic story about a haunted house – we go deeper! It is not only about primal fears or the research of our own inner, psychological depths. Rising Storm is also about the mechanisms of repression and coping with trauma. We like to challenge our players but also want to leave room for their own interpretation.

Check out the Trailer: 

Planning to launch on both PC and Mac, they need your help getting it through greenlight and into our libraries. You can follow for more updates on Facebook.